Ashley Alban Making Your Wife Younger (

Ashley Alban Making Your Wife Younger Preview

Your wife comes home from work, and you try to suggest that you’re horny. She glares at you and says that just because she’s your wife, it doesn’t mean she has to fuck you every day. She says she is exhausted from work and suggests that you just go watch some porn and jack off. You’re annoyed. She’s been ignoring you more and more lately. You decide to try out a special device that will cause her to regress back to a younger age. You set it to make her college aged again, which is when you two first met. When she transforms, she looks at you and asks what you want. You say she’s pretty, and she laughs. She asks if you really expect her to be interested in you. She sneers and says that you’re old. You think that maybe you need a more innocent version of her. Maybe when she was in high school and still a virgin. You transform her again. She looks up and you and asks who you are. You say that your a friend of her parents. She giggles and tells you that she thinks you’re pretty cute. She moves closer to you and asks if you want to hang out. You tell her that you would like to see what she looks like with her clothes off. She’s bashful about it, so you tell her that you can give her a perspective of what you think as an older man. She thinks about it for a moment and decides that it’s a good idea. She shyly strips out of her clothes until she’s naked. You tell her that you really like her body and you have a surprise for her. You pull out your dick. She’s excited because she says that she hasn’t seen one before. You’re so horny and ask her if she wants to try to suck it. You tell her exactly what to do. She sucks you and takes your cum right in her mouth. She says that she liked that but she better get dressed now before her parents return home

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Ashley Alban Making Your Wife Younger Preview

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