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elouise-please anal-in-the-morning-2018-02-17 Preview

Mmmm, I’ve just woken up and I’m wearing nothing but a pair of knickers and a silk dressing gown. I’m hornier than ever and I want you, bad. I take your cock in my mouth and start to work you with my lips and tongue, giving you a nice deep blowjob. I talk dirty to you, letting you know how much I want your hot spunk (after all, I haven’t had breakfast yet hehe) I beg you to cum for me and give you a countdown as you explode all over my face Next I decide that you need to taste me too, so I strip out of my dressing gown and knickers before spreading my pussy in front of you. I want you to get your tongue in there nice & deep, taste every single bit of me! Mmmmmm, that’s it, keep licking and make me moan. I slide my metal butt plug into my tight ass and it fills me right up. It feels so good that I want more, so I slowly tease it out and decide that I want something deeper in my butt. Grabbing my red toy I slide it in and it feels sooo good. Lets see exactly how deep & fast we can go, I love a little anal in the morning
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elouise-please anal-in-the-morning-2018-02-17 Preview

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